Checklist of Load Testing Software Solutions
Test and Monitor | Posted Juni 22, 2020

Many businesses are transitioning from on-premise to cloud-based software and infrastructure. With more flexibility and less maintenance overhead, you can save money, scale faster, improve security, reduce the risk of data loss, maximize productivity, and realize a host of other benefits.

Read more about deciding between cloud-based and on-premise load testing, as well as how a hybrid approach could leverage both strategies.

Use this checklist to help identify the best load testing solutions for your business.

  • LoadNinja
    LoadNinja provides browser-based load testing capabilities across tens of thousands of cloud-based browsers, along with an easy to use test builder, comprehensive diagnostic tools, and integrations with popular CI/CD platforms.
  • JMeter
    JMeter is the most popular open-source load testing tool that leverages a protocol-based approach to enable highly scalable load testing. Since it’s on-premise, you must bring your own hardware to run it.
  • Gatling
    Gatling is an open-source load testing tool that’s designed for developers that are familiar with scripting, but the learning curve makes it challenging for many QA teams without scripting expertise.
  • K6
    K6 is another load testing platform that’s designed with developers in mind with a heavy focus on scripting.

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