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Selecting the right Load Testing Solution

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Building load tests in HP LoadRunner requires scripting skills. It takes a long time to get testers up and running on the tool, special testing skills need to be built in the team and expensive trainings need to be organized.


SmartBear load testing tools do not require any scripting experience. Entire functionality is available through point and click. This enables creation of performance tests quickly.

Shallow Learning Curve


Specialized skills and training is required to start working with LoadRunner, hence needs extensive training before a team member can start building tests on LoadRunner.


Anyone can get up and running on SmartBear tools within minutes and start creating load tests. Load testing is not limited to just performance engineers.

Easy Test Creation


Ramping up on load testing with LoadRunner is hard, creation of load tests is cumbersome and recording features are limited for web and is non-existent for modern API specifications.


Getting started with SmartBear solutions is very easy, minimal training is required for users to create load tests. Easy recording of Web and API test allows fast test set-up.

Total Cost of Ownership


HP LoadRunner is expensive and requires commitment to buying bundles, add-ons and extension modules. Dependency on scripting and complicated UI adds to the costs for training and hiring.


The total cost of ownership of SmartBear solutions is very low as compared to LoadRunner. This is because of low prices, modular licensing, fewer hiring and training costs.

Move from HP to SmartBear today and get better support and lower costs. Get up-and-running quickly with a straightforward migration process. It’s a no brainer.

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SmartBear provides a modern, affordable alternative to HP’s Testing solutions – backed by an expert support team committed to your success. Talk to an HP Migration Specialist today to learn about the benefits of moving to SmartBear first-hand.

  • Robust, Affordable solutions for:
    • UI Test Automation
    • Test Management
    • Load Testing
    • API Functional Testing
  • Get up-and-running quickly with a straightforward migration process
  • Rooted in open source as the creators of SoapUI and Swagger
  • Integrated with Selenium, Appium, Jenkins, GitHub, and more