AlertSite Pricing

Internal Monitoring

For monitoring behind the firewall, in your local networks, data centers, or even remote locations.

Select from a Variety of Servers:

PrivateNode VM

PrivateNode Endpoint

PrivateNode Cloud

PrivateNode Hardware

Our Pricing Structure depends on your needs:

Monitor Type & Quantity

  • Tier 1 (Small)
  • Tier 2 (Medium)
  • Tier 3 (Large)
External Monitoring

Monitor your digital assets globally, from our network of over 350 nodes.

Our Pricing Structure depends on your needs:

  • Monitoring Locations
  • Frequency of Runs

Hybrid Deployment

Monitor internally and externally, for full visibility into your digital performance.

Best of both worlds: internal and external monitoring.

Hybrid Deployments are tailored to fit the specific needs for both internal and external monitoring strategies.

Our Pricing Structure depends on your needs:

Monitor Type & Quantity

  • Monitors
  • Locations
  • Frequency

Interested in seeing how we stack up?

Compare AlertSite Synthetic to Dynatrace, Postman, & Runscope

In most cases, AlertSite is runs alongside APM tools like Dynatrace, New Relic, and AppDynamics so that teams can have a constant pulse on their performance in production. AlertSite's Synthetic Monitoring & Alerting is unmatched in APM and API Management tools on the market today. 

Compare Dynatrace Synthetic Compare Runscope & Postman API Monitoring 

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  • Monitor Private and Public assets
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