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Keyword-Driven Testing with TestComplete

With the rise Agile and DevOps, the concept of a traditional testing team is transforming and the required skill sets of testers are expanding. As a result, it’s vital that teams today have a flexible automated testing tool that enables them to quickly create UI tests that are maintainable and scalable in a variety of ways. Keyword-driven testing is an approach to software testing that separates test case design from execution.

Each automated UI test is built on a series of operations, specified by keywords, that simulates a user action, such as a mouse click or keystroke. A keyword-driven testing tool like TestComplete enables anyone, regardless of skill level, to create automated tests through drag-and-drop actions – meaning you can build reusable UI tests that are easy-to-read, all without scripting knowledge.

Quick & Easy UI Test Creation

Ensure every team member can contribute to test automation. Create automated functional UI tests without any programming knowledge and handle complex scenarios, such as dealing with unwanted windows or accessing database information with simple point-and-click actions. TestComplete supports the creation of keyword-driven tests in several ways: through record and playback or by adding to existing keyword-driven tests.

Leverage the Built-In Keyword-Driven Framework

Create maintainable and scalable automated UI tests that every team member can understand. The built-in keyword driven framework in TestComplete allows you to easily separate test steps, objects, actions, and test data. Reuse any of these components across projects without any technical knowledge.

Convert Keyword Tests to Automated UI Test Scripts

Switch from a keyword test to a scripted test if needed. With a single click, you can convert existing desktop, mobile, and web keyword tests into scripted tests for faster and more efficient GUI testing. TestComplete supports a variety of scripting languages include JavaScript, Jscript, Python, and VB.NET among others.

Reuse Keyword-Driven Tests in Other Test Automation Projects

Create keyword tests once and reuse them across multiple projects to save time. With TestComplete, you can run a scripted test from a keyword test or even pass parameters between them if needed. The tool also enables you to use single data source, such as an excel or CSV file, to drive data to these actions, meaning you can create and run automated UI tests quicker to speed up testing cycles.

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"Wir haben die durchschnittliche Zeit für das Testen von Anwendungen von mehreren Wochen auf mehrere Stunden reduziert. Das bedeutet, dass Software-Verbesserungen schneller in Produktion gehen und auch die Qualität der Software erheblich gestiegen ist."

Lulia Meladze Head of Quality Assurance Team, TBC Bank