Mobile Application Test Automation

Create, manage, and run automated GUI tests on real Android and iOS mobile devices.

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Mobile app test automation for any device and operating system

Create and run UI tests on any mobile device. Perform in-depth mobile automated testing by getting direct access to custom libraries.

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Run UI Tests on Real Mobile Devices or Emulators – You Choose

Automate your UI tests on real mobile devices, emulators, or virtual machines. There is no need to jailbreak your phone or tablet. With TestComplete, you can run one mobile test across multiple devices that have different screen sizes and resolutions.

Accelerate Cross-Platform Mobile Testing

Accelerate Cross-Platform Mobile Testing

Quickly conduct mobile automated testing across multiple Android, iOS and other device types with one set of code with the support of Xamarin.Forms. You can explore the object hierarchy of any connected mobile device directly in TestComplete.

Easy Continuous Testing

Easy Continuous Testing

Run tests in parallel across devices and operating systems for large scale deployments. Trigger test suites as a part of every build for continuous delivery.  Built-in integrations with source control systems, defect management tools, and test management solutions facilitates a stronger collaboration between teams.

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Add Automatic Audits for Your Progressive Web App on Android or iOS

Add automatic checks with a simple checkpoint or a single line of code to validate key aspects of your progressive web app on mobile. Receive information on speed, reliability, responsiveness, cross-browser capabilities, and more based, on Google’s standard for Progressive Web Applications.

Record Repeatable and Consistent Mobile Gestures

Record Repeatable and Consistent Mobile Gestures

Mobile devices today provide a myriad of ways in which end users can interact with the user interface. Effective automated mobile app testing requires that teams validate gestures commonly used with touch screens. With TestComplete, you can increase your device coverage by recording multi-touch gestures like swipe, pinch, drag, drop, or scroll on one device and play them back in the exact same manner across multiple devices.

Get Visibility into Mobile API Calls

Get Visibility into Mobile API Calls

Finding the right tools for mobile testing that can validate quality at every application layer is tough. With integrations with API testing tools such as SoapUI and SoapUI Pro, TestComplete will help you ensure that APIs used across different devices and operating systems are working as expected. Shorten the feedback loop by getting a single insight into the GUI and API layers.

Mobile Automation in an IoT World

Mobile Automation in an IoT World

Mobile testing tools should enable you to identify objects by native properties. In TestComplete, you have complete access to mobile device sensor data such as GPS, accelerometers, and gyroscopes. Expand coverage by simulating GPS coordinates, Wifi, or switching application languages. 

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Entwickeln, automatisieren und analysieren Sie UI-Funktionstests für Desktop-, Mobile- und Webanwendungen.

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  • Datengesteuerte, & parallele Regressionstests zur schnellen Skalierung.

"Wir haben die durchschnittliche Zeit für das Testen von Anwendungen von mehreren Wochen auf mehrere Stunden reduziert. Das bedeutet, dass Software-Verbesserungen schneller in Produktion gehen und auch die Qualität der Software erheblich gestiegen ist."

Lulia Meladze Head of Quality Assurance Team, TBC Bank