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Node: Single user test on physical machines only
Floating: Multiple users test on physical and virtual machines
TestComplete Base
Pay for only what you need. Choose among mobile, desktop, or web options.
Starting at $4,836
  • Unmatched object recognition engine
  • Scriptless Record and Replay or keyword-driven tests
  • Automated reporting and analysis
Automate UI testing for desktop applications across a wide range of tools and controls, including .Net, Windows 10, and Java.
Create and automate functional UI tests on physical or virtual iOS and Android devices. No need to jailbreak your phone.
Create reusable cross-browser tests for over 1,500 real browsers, operating systems, devices and resolution configurations.
Must have at least one selection
*Option to add TestComplete add-ons
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TestComplete Pro
Our entire base package at a bundled price point. Plus more.
Starting at $7,525
  • All the attributes of TestComplete Base
  • Desktop, mobile, and web testing included
  • Includes access to our parallel testing engine, TestExecute
For access to AI-powered visual recognition, PDF support, and automatic web audits for performance, accessibility and SEO
Ability to scale TestComplete web tests to the cloud across all configurations
TeamSuite Bundle
Add our API and performance testing tools for wide, seamless coverage.
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  • Includes Intelligent Quality add-on, with TestComplete
  • Parallel testing engine, with TestExecute
  • Automated API Functionality & Security Testing, with SoapUI Pro
  • Automated UI Performance Testing, with LoadNinja
SoapUI Pro
All Plans Include:
Free Product Updates
Access to the SmartBear User Community
Testing & Development Resources
Bug and feature requests through our user forum
Unlimited help from our Support Team and access to our Knowledge Base
Free trainings and Webinars
Add-ons and Extensions
For TestComplete users who want unlimited testing across parallel devices for desktop, mobile, or web applications.
  • Access to real and virtual machines
  • Desktop, Mobile, & Web Parallel Test Execution
  • Run concurrent tests with lightweight execution engines
  • Real-time reporting & screen shot
$499/per license (yearly subscription)
Intelligent Quality
Leverage our hybrid object recognition engine in TestComplete powered by Artificial Intelligence to detect dynamic UI elements quickly and easily
  • Test complex grids, charts and PDFs
  • Test on objects with dynamic IDs
  • Perform a comprehensive web audit
  • Self-healing tests to reduce test failures
$999/per license (yearly subscription)
Device Cloud
Scale your web testing efforts within TestComplete with the Device Cloud. Record a single test and run it in a wide range of web browsers and platforms in the cloud.
  • Ability to test on real devices
  • Unlimited automation minutes across one parallel user
  • Use your own device cloud or ours, through CrossBrowserTesting
$999/per license (yearly subscription)
Training Available
Scripted Testing Live Online Training
Industry experts take you from simple manual testing through complex scenarios testing Windows, Web and distributed applications. This comprehensive 2-day course includes database access, JUnit/NUnit/xUnit testing, scripting and best practices.
$699/per seat
Keyword-Driven Testing Online Training
This online 2-day course prepares experienced, beginners and new users to run fully automated keyword-driven tests against a full range of software products using the latest version of SmartBear's TestComplete.
$699/per seat


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Entwickeln, automatisieren und analysieren Sie UI-Funktionstests für Desktop-, Mobile- und Webanwendungen.

  • 30 Tage kostenlos
  • Verwenden Sie Record & Replay oder skripten Sie in 7 Sprachen, um Tests einfach zu erstellen.
  • Zugriff auf über 500 remote Umgebungen zur Erweiterung der Testabdeckung.
  • Datengesteuerte, & parallele Regressionstests zur schnellen Skalierung.

"Wir haben die durchschnittliche Zeit für das Testen von Anwendungen von mehreren Wochen auf mehrere Stunden reduziert. Das bedeutet, dass Software-Verbesserungen schneller in Produktion gehen und auch die Qualität der Software erheblich gestiegen ist."

Lulia Meladze Head of Quality Assurance Team, TBC Bank