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See how teams can use TestComplete to accelerate testing and ensure full end-to-end coverage

SmartBear Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation

Cross Browser Testing

With Cross Browser testing from TestComplete Web, easily record automated tests on one browser and automatically execute the same test on other real browsers. Pre-installed support for multiple scripting languages, right from VBScript, JScript, Python among others. Debug automated tests created on the fly using built-in verification checkpoints.

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Continuous Testing

Share assets between your development and testing team easily. Quickly bring over the tests your developers create in IDEs such as Visual Studio. Built-in integrations to developer focused functional UI testing tools such as TestLeft is provided. You can also run TestComplete tests directly as a part of your MSBuild projects. Plugins are available for planning and managing TestComplete tests, plans, and results within Microsoft Test Manager.

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Test Automation for BDD

Test cases designed and written using the Gherkin syntax can be easily converted to automated UI functional tests and maintained with the industry leading object recognition and record-and-replay technology found in TestComplete -- without the need for any additional plug-ins or integrations.

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Automated Regression Testing Tool

Increase efficiency by automating regression tests easily and quickly with TestComplete. Ensure the existing functionality of your desktop, mobile, or web applications work as expected by automatically executing UI tests for every build or change in code.

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Enable End-to-End Testing for Complete Test Coverage

Scale your end-to-end testing efforts with integrations to API & load testing tools to ensure every layer of your app is production-ready.

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Parallel Testing

Execute desktop, mobile, and web tests in parallel across multiple physical and virtual machines using TestExecute. Get one master summary report across all tests runs. Specific actions that need to be performed after each run and the data that needs to be shared across tests.

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Agile Testing for Faster, Scalable Results

Create robust tests that don’t break when the UI changes. Speed up feedback loops and enable your QA teams to collaborate with development. Leverage existing open source tools like Selenium or integrate directly into your existing development and QA environments.

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Intelligent Quality Add-On

Test even the most dynamic and complex on-screen application components or validate information found embedded in images, charts, mainframes, and PDFs. Compared to other technologies, our AI-powered visual recognition is more accurate, making it possible for UI test automation engineers to detect and test application components that were not previously recognizable.

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SAP Testing and Packaged Applications

Mitigate risks from frequent application upgrades and complex SAP configurations with dynamic test automation.

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Entwickeln, automatisieren und analysieren Sie UI-Funktionstests für Desktop-, Mobile- und Webanwendungen.

  • 30 Tage kostenlos
  • Verwenden Sie Record & Replay oder skripten Sie in 7 Sprachen, um Tests einfach zu erstellen.
  • Zugriff auf über 500 remote Umgebungen zur Erweiterung der Testabdeckung.
  • Datengesteuerte, & parallele Regressionstests zur schnellen Skalierung.

"Wir haben die durchschnittliche Zeit für das Testen von Anwendungen von mehreren Wochen auf mehrere Stunden reduziert. Das bedeutet, dass Software-Verbesserungen schneller in Produktion gehen und auch die Qualität der Software erheblich gestiegen ist."

Lulia Meladze Head of Quality Assurance Team, TBC Bank