Software Testing Tools

SmartBear provides a number of most popular and powerful testing tools to help you release high quality software in shorter release cycles at reduced costs. Along with GUI and API testing tools, the testing tools porfolio of SmartBear consists of test management software, cloud-based device lab, and performance testing tools. 

The comprehensive portfolio of test automation tools helps ensure your whole application, including its user interface and API, are functioning correctly. You can also scale your automated tests to thousands of concurrent users for performance testing. And finally, you can plan, organize, and manage all testing activities in one place using our test case management tool.

Check out some of the tools we offer below:

Quickly and easily create automated UI tests across desktop, mobile, web, and packaged applications. 

Powerful and fully customizable test management tool for tracking, organizing, and reporting on manual & automated tests.

Design and run performance tests for websites, and web apps. Generate load using virtual machines, on-premise computers, or cloud.

Easy Test Case Management with QAComplete

Manage, plan, organize, and execute all test cases and defects associated with your user story in one single place. QAComplete easily integrates with requirement and defect management systems, automation tools, and CI tools. Best-in-class integrations available for JIRA and 40 other tools. 

  • Reuse manual and automated tests across your testing cycles
  • Establish clear traceability between user-stories, test cases, and defects
  • Improve visibility across teams using a common set of real-time reports 
  • Define flexible custom fields or create custom roles to change the tool as per you needs. 


Desktop Application Testing with TestComplete Desktop

TestComplete Desktop provides support for creating robust automated tests across a variety of desktop applications easily and quickly. Some examples of supported applications include Java, Visual Basic, .NET, Delphi etc.

  • Use point-and-click test recorder to create robust tests even without writing a single line of script code.
  • Support for multiple scripting languages such as Python, VBScript, JScript, DelphiScript etc.
  • Test a variety of third party controls such as Developer Express, Telerik, Microsoft, and JavaFX among others.
  • Extend TestComplete Desktop to create automated tests that meet your specific testing needs.
  • Integrate with source control systems like Subversion, or run desktop automated tests as a part of automated builds.


Automated Mobile Application Testing with TestComplete Mobile

TestComplete Mobile automates testing of native, web, iOS and Android mobile applications. It supports testing on real world devices as well as emulators. There is no need to jailbreak your phone or tablet. You just need to create your test once and it will run  on multiple devices.

  • Record multi-touch gestures and replay these gestures on multiple devices in the same exact fashion.
  • Access real device data such as Wi-Fi, GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope to create robust mobile test cases.
  • Integrate with source control systems like CVS or run automated tests as a part of automated builds.
  • Support for multiple scripting languages such as VBScript, JScript, DelphiScript etc.
  • Run multiple mobile tests in the cloud and virtual systems simultaneously.
  • Test on multiple devices without changing your tests, leveraging full access to application internal objects and methods.


Web Testing Automation with TestComplete Web

TestComplete Web helps you create automated GUI and functional tests for websites, web apps, and mobile web applications. It gives you the power to not only recognize individual elements on web pages, but even access internal methods and properties of a page.

  • Create robust cross browser tests and automate functional testing of HTML5 and dynamic controls such as AJAX and JavaScript.
  • Add, run, and report on Selenium WebDriver tests.
  • Use one test across multiple mobile Web apps.
  • Support for multiple scripting languages such as VBScript, JScript, DelphiScript etc.
  • Create and record web tests at object level and not at image or coordinate level, thereby reliably finding and checking UI Objects even when layout changes.


Functional UI Testing for Developers with TestLeft

TestLeft is a powerful yet lean functional testing tool for dev-testers working in Agile teams. It fully embeds into standard development IDEs enabling developers to easily and quickly create robust functional automated tests without leaving their favorite IDEs such as Visual Studio. It also works well with other tools in dev eco-systems such as source control or continuous integration systems. With TestLeft, developers can:

  • Find bugs early by quickly creating tests with a robust UI Object Spy within your current IDE (i.e. Visual Studio, Eclipse, and IntelliJ IDEA).
  • Seamlessly integrate with your continuous integration process by managing source code in systems such as GIT or Subversion and running tests via Jenkins or the command line.
  • Leverage standard testing frameworks such as NUnit or MSTest.
  • Manage source code in source control management systems such as GIT or Subversion.
  • Enable a BDD process by integrating with open source tools such as Cucumber or SpecFlow.
  • Increase productivity by delivering instant feedback with detailed reporting and snapshots.


Load and Performance Testing with LoadComplete

Websites as well as mobile applications need to handle spikes in traffic effectively. Consumers have limited tolerance for latency and any performance degradation typically results in customers abandoning your website/app for a competitor’s site. Planning ahead for exceptional user experience and optimizing performance by ensuring system works under high load is essential to deliver onto customer expectations and prevent losing business to competitors. SmartBear's LoadComplete tool will prepare developers and testers to:

  • Record and simulate multiple parallel requests using record feature and without writing a single line of code.
  • Generate realistic load tests from the cloud as well as on premise.
  • Calculate cost of running load tests on cloud using built in cloud test cost estimator.
  • Observe the application and server behavior in real time to quickly identify root-cause of performance issues.
  • Identify request dependencies and analyze server as well as browser side metrics to reduce debugging time.
  • Monitor key repots and metrics such as first byte delivery and slow pages to identify pages that should be optimized for performance.


Fully Test Your APIs with ReadyAPI

We know that APIs are critical to your business. Whether you are providing APIs or consuming them, you need to visualize what they do, validate that they function as intended, virtualize them to use in agile testing, and monitor them to make sure they are not just available, but efficient as well. Our ReadyAPI tool set provides all of those capabilities and more – including functional API testing, load testing for APIs, and API security testing.