Revelex® develops innovative travel technology solutions that help companies market and sell travel products—online and offline. The technology allows users to query pricing and availability through global distribution systems, central reservation systems, and consolidators to produce an integrated travel itinerary quickly and efficiently. Today, Revelex powers hundreds of travel sellers and industry suppliers and has become the leader in the travel technology marketplace.

Business Need

Revelex delivers software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that help 3,000+ travel industry clients interact with customers online. As part of the service, the company needs to meet stringent service-level-agreement (SLA) commitments that ensure client customers enjoy a superior experience when interacting with the Web applications that Revelex provides. The company specifically tracks performance metrics for its largest clients, which are among the leading financial service and travel industry companies in the world. “As part of our contract with these firms, we provide an external matrix demonstrating our application service levels across the Web,” said Revelex CTO James Horvath. “We include physical performance reports as part of the SLA.”

At Revelex, developers create applications that rely on range of programming languages and development tools such as AJAX, PHP, HTML5 and Flex. The developers found the previous application performance tracking solution, Keynote, could not measure and monitor performance for applications developed with Flex.

“Where Flex is a flash application, it’s particularly difficult for a product to measure its performance,” Horvath explained. “Flash requires a specialized plug-in, which Keynote did not offer at the time.”

Targeted Solution

To remove the road block in monitoring Flex applications, Revelex tested several website monitoring solutions and found that AlertSite from SmartBear functioned best responding to the challenge of Rich Internet Applications. AlertSite’s private monitoring location, InSite, installed in a matter of minutes, and the external monitoring network was pre-configured.

This allowed the monitoring service to run with full functionality from the very first minute the service was activated. The AlertSite system also offers flexibility for customers that want to adjust the monitoring locations or change the test frequencies, which can run as often as every minute to longer, 120-minute measurement intervals.

As an appliance that provides quick diagnosis of website application slowdowns, errors and performance problems, AlertSite allows clients to deploy their own monitoring location wherever needed. This includes data centers where the technology shortens triage as well as customer locations to understand performance from the customer perspective.

As an example, AlertSite provides SLA monitoring to several companies from the hotel and hospitality industry. Recently, JetBlue leveraged AlertSite to provide optimal customer services for consumers that purchase tickets online instead of using a travel agency or ticket agent. AlertSite serves as an insurance policy in case Internet congestion and traffic causes latency that affects customers who prefer to purchase online rather than through traditional outlets.

Since Revelex has unique needs as a SaaS application used by tens of thousands of users, SmartBear ‘s Flex pricing model is used. Revelex engineers can increase or decrease monitoring frequencies based on the urgency associated with possible outages or slowdowns. “In addition to providing Flex monitoring, which was our primary driver for a new solution, we found AlertSite easier to use than the other monitoring solutions,” Horvath said. “Reports are simple to automate, and AlertSite provides the functionality and automation we need to fulfill client SLAs. The solution also costs less than our previous solution—choosing AlertSite was an easy choice.”

“We monitor the sites of our major clients, which run on the same code as all of our other clients using our six core applications,” Horvath said. “We monitor each application, and if there’s a problem, we can correct it across all client sites.”

"AlertSite enables us to recognize performance issues quickly and resolve them before our customers notice anything. The cost and support are superior to Keynote, our previous performance measurement supplier, and switching providers is paying off in improved customer satisfaction."
— James Horvath, Revelex CTO

Benefits and results

The Revelex applications are monitored publically via AlertSite’s network of 90+ monitoring stations, and using InSite provides a 360 degree view of web performance both inside and outside the firewall. Having this objective third-party perspective from a partner that offers browser-based performance monitoring adds credibility to the Revelex brand. AlertSite also generates metrics for DNS, connection, redirects, first byte, and content download times. In addition, the system provides performance statistics for Web 2.0 content such as JavaScript, AJAX, FLASH, and third-party content from CDNs, analytics, and ad service companies.

Revelex application developers quickly and easily define monitoring scripts using AlertSite’s DejaClick browser plugin for monitoring and deploy them to AlertSite, which measures web performance and user experience using real web browsers.

AlertSite monitoring acts as a true Internet user so developers can build scripts that interact with the application to measure how long it takes the application to complete business tasks—first to the application layer, then the database layer, and then the return back.

For SLA reports, Revelex can then generate logs based on time stamps and the user ID to show the Internet round-trip time and the time inside client application systems.

“This capability also allows us to discover issues before our clients realize there’s a problem,” Horvath said. “We don’t receive any client calls, which means we are consistently fixing problems proactively. AlertSite allows us to prevent problems from manifesting themselves at client sites.”

Revelex's Unique Challenges

  • Meet stringent SLAs to ensure superior web experiences
  • Track performance of applications developed with Flex
  • Measue Performance of Applications developed with AJAX, PHP, HTML5

How AlertSite Helped

  • Delivered assisted transfer, speeding up time-to-value
  • Offers Flexibility to changed test frequency intervals
  • Diagnose website application slowdowns, errors and performance problems
  • Monitors Revelex's applications both inside and outside the firewall


  • Meet stringent SLAs to ensure superior web experiences
  • Track performance of applications developed with Flex
  • Measue Performance of Applications developed with AJAX, PHP, HTML5
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