Solutions | Functional Testing

Powerful, Easy-to-Use Functional Testing Solutions for Every User and Team

No one wants to be the next software disaster due to a lack of testing. Given the enduring pressure to ship software faster, without sacrificing quality—it is critical to have the right functional testing solutions, so you can make sure all your software initiatives—across desktop, web, mobile, and API—work flawlessly for your users.

SmartBear provides a portfolio of functional testing tools that enables you and your team to accelerate your testing efforts, improve quality, and realize rapid time-to-value. You can start small with one tool or leverage our entire portfolio together. SmartBear providers powerful tools that make it easy to:

  • Automate your functional tests across web, desktop, mobile, and API platforms.
  • Maximize your manual testing efforts to get the most out of your tests.
  • Run your functional tests at scale, in the cloud, or on-premise.
  • Get all the benefits of a robust QA tool built for developers to use within popular IDEs.
  • Leverage the power of open source tools (Selenium, SoapUI, & more) by reusing your test scripts.