IoT devices must work seamlessly

iot_everything.PNGSuccessful IoT means making sure that your new devices work as expected, work in combination with each other, and work with existing technologies. The best way to make sure your IoT solution is truly great is to test with Ready API.

MQTT in Ready APICoAP in Ready API

Mix and match IoT technologies

iot_protocols.PNGTesting REST and IoT protocols in the same motion is critical to timely QA over devices and digital experiences.

Support for MQTT and CoAP make functional testing with SoapUI Pro, part of the Ready API platform, the world's first commercial testing solution to handle the most widely used API quality tool.

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Virtualize APIs to simplify the IoT testing process

iot_virtualize.jpgWith device software constantly changing, you need a way to mock up APIs and other system components to complete the testing process on time.

Using ServiceV, the APIs your IoT devices are connecting to can be replaced with "virts" to speed time to market and minimize cost at the same time.

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