Lots of little APIs

microservices_lots.PNGWith microservices breaking things down into components that are easier to design, manage, and deploy, there are a lot more of these smaller APIs to test. With the API tools from SmartBear, you can effectively meet this new challenge directly.

What is a 'Microservice'? Delving in to Microservices

Faster design to deploy time

microservices_deploy.PNGMicroservices is a great way to build scalable, maintainable experiences...but only if your delivery process also supports these principals. Using Ready API to test and virtualize your designs, alignment to a microservices approach is streamlined and poised for success.

Creating Microservices API Gateways in Microservices

Be Ready for future changes

microservices_change.PNGThe principals of microservices help you build systems that are not averse to change. But when code changes, things break. How do you know of the negative impacts your change introduced?

Automated API regression testing helps you be prepared to handle changes and deliver awesome APIs every time you roll new code.

Orchestrating Microservices Prepare yourself with Ready API