API Craft Boston Meetup on OAuth and BDD Testing at SmartBear’s Headquarters

API Meetup Focuses on Using OAuth2 Scopes – Wednesday, March 30, 2016 – Somerville, Massachusetts
SOMERVILLE, Mass. — März 28, 2016 —

SmartBear Software, the leader in software quality tools for the connected world, is sponsoring the API Craft Boston Meetup, “Ensure API Policies with OAuth and BDD Testing,” on Wednesday, March 30, 2016, at SmartBear’s Corporate Headquarters in Somerville, Massachusetts. The meeting is focusing on how to use OAuth2 Scopes to make sure that calls made to your API conform to security policies. Paul Bruce, API Product Marketing Manager at SmartBear, is co-organizer of the event.
WHAT:           API Craft Boston Meetup, “Ensure API Policies with OAuth and BDD Testing,” Sponsored by
WHEN:           Wednesday, March 30, 2016, 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. EDT
WHERE:        SmartBear’s Corporate Headquarters, Assembly Row, 450 Artisan Way, 4th Floor, Somerville,
Chris Riley, Partner at HKM Consulting is presenting, “Surf-ing OAuth Scopes in WSO2 API Manager.” As the production of APIs increase within organizations and service providers, the need to support third party access becomes important. In addition, the requirement to support a large number of consumers is also a challenge. OAuth2 is a standard that has become prominent in the platforms we leverage heavily today (i.e. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) in both authentication and authorization of resources to very large developer communities. In a demonstration, Chris digs deeper into an example using WSO2 API Manager and Surf to illustrate OAuth2 and OAuth2 scopes.
Chris Riley is a founding partner at HKM and has focused on the services and integration space since 1995 in a variety of pilot, implementation and training roles with companies such as PTC, IBM, Cape Clear Software and SOA Systems. In his various capacities, Chris has also been a speaker and contributor at QCon, SOA Symposium, ECAUG, Prentice Hall Podcasts, AWS Boston Meetup and Toronto JUG along with publications in SOA Magazine and SOA Design Patterns. Currently Chris is supporting Fortune 500 companies in APIs, DevOps, Cloud Computing and Governance as part of their IT Strategy.
Ole Lensmar, CTO at SmartBear, is presenting, “Testing API Behaviors with Gherkin and TestServer.” As testing of APIs follows the general trend of creating tests through code as part of development efforts – a code-driven approach to test both REST and SOAP APIs is increasingly popular in API implementation projects. Pair that with the desire to involve non-technical stakeholders in the requirement process – and you often end up with a BDD driven approach to API implementation and verification – using frameworks like Cucumber and SpecFlow. Ready API TestServer by SmartBear aims to provide a scalable and distributed solution for teams that are adopting a code-driven approach to API testing, leveraging the power of the SoapUI API testing engine on any platform, language or framework – and with a rich set of ecosystem components tying into Cucumber, Maven, Node and more. Ole’s demonstration shows the core capabilities of TestServer and how it ties in with these frameworks to make API testing an integral part of the development process.
Prior to SmartBear, Ole co-founded Eviware Software which was acquired by SmartBear in 2011, and also co-founded base8, an XML oriented consulting company in 1996, acquired by the publicly traded Mogul in 1998. Ole worked as CTO, product owner and lead evangelist for Mogul’s software portfolio, including an XML based CMS and a high performance search engine. At Eviware Software, Ole created SoapUI, the most used open source testing tool in the world with five million downloads and one million active users. He speaks frequently on the importance of API testing and other related topics. Follow him on Twitter at @olensmar.
API Craft Boston is a vibrant community of individual API practitioners who see building APIs as a craft. Its goal is to drive leadership and open discussion in the API development space as we move toward a more connected world. For more information on the meetup, visit: http://www.meetup.com/API-Craft-Boston/events/229796200/.

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