America’s Test Kitchen: The Web Testing Behind the Taste-Testing

America’s Test Kitchen is all about perfecting the recipe for success, literally. With two TV shows, three print magazine, and four different websites, they’ve built a customer base that is hungry for scrutinous chefs and quality cooking. But their users are also paying close attention to how they’re being served their online content and want to consume it in a way that works best for their lifestyle, which means the QA team is under a microscope when it comes to releasing a Michelin star web application. Whether users are taking a cooking course, shopping for kitchenware, or watching one of the pros whip up a delicious dinner, America’s Test Kitchen strives to be satisfy from the backend to the front of the house.

Join CrossBrowserTesting and America’s Test Kitchen QA Manager Megan Collins & QA Engineer Michael Ng as we go behind the counter to learn about what kind of testing is needed to keep up with a company that is constantly creating content to empower and impress millions of home cooks.

In this webinar, you’ll get a taste of:

  • What the America’s Test Kitchen QA strategy looks like
  • The incredible growth of the testing team and their shift to automation
  • How they use CrossBrowserTesting to serve up their cross-compatible web app on a silver platter


Alex McPeak
Megan Collins
Michael Ng

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